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Golden Rabbit Enamelware - Popcorn Bowls

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Fine German enamel on steel and provides a convenient, eye-catching alternative for entertaining.  The modern manufacturing process adds strength and durability as primers and enamels are fused to strong steel at high temperatures for chip, crack and rust resistance.  For added protection, Golden Rabbit ingeniously incorporate unique stainless steel rims to each enamelware piece.  Colorful and classic, enamelware is at home in a country kitchen or striking in a high style setting. From oven to table to the dishwasher, enamelware from Golden Rabbit is fully functional without forgetting the fun. Whether mixed or matched, our array of shapes and sizes can impressively outfit any event or enhance your existing table theme. From everyday eating to endless entertaining, our enamelware provides seasonless styles for year round use: from clambakes or barbecues to Christmas buffets. It is easy to clean and store.

Golden Rabbit's porcelain enamel dinner and cookware is vastly superior to typical tin plates. Golden Rabbit uses a heavy, high grade of carbon steel which is first coated with a primer and then bathed in porcelain enamel frits. It is then oven fired at between 1500 and 1800 degrees. This process creates a hard finish on top of the steel that is not only decorative but perfectly adapted for food service. In contrast, typical tin plates are made from a low grade steel which is coated with powdered paint and baked at about 400  . This type of product is inexpensive but is not meant for food use.

 Main benefits of using Golden Rabbit porcelain enamel over tin plated products:

- Heavy grade steel keeps items from warping or bending easily.

- Porcelain finish allows day to day use and performance similar to a ceramic plate.

- The high temperature firing process means they can be used for baking, stove top 
cooking and can even be used under the broiler.

Golden Rabbit enamelware is durable enough for everyday use and will provide years of enjoyment but, like any dinnerware, our product can chip if dropped or mishandled. A chip in an enameled plate will not affect the usefulness of the item. On the other hand, a ceramic bowl or plate that is dropped usually leaves you with nothing except a mess to clean up.

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